Are You at Risk of Lung Cancer?

Protect your family by getting asbestos removal services in Marlborough & Framingham, MA

You may have heard of the dangers of asbestos, but do you know if you're safe from it? Asbestos is a hazardous material that causes lung cancer. However, homes built before the 1970s often still have asbestos in their walls and tiles. Your home could have asbestos without you realizing it.

Rosado Environmental, LLC provides asbestos removal in Marlborough & Framingham, Massachusetts to find and eliminate the harmful material. Luckily, we can bring in state inspectors to determine the extent of your issue. Then, we'll provide efficient asbestos removal service.

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Don't wait for your health to fail

Don't wait for your health to fail

If you think your home was built using asbestos, you need to act quickly. Our team will use a negative air machine to contain your issue. Then, we'll remove all of the hazardous material. Our team is made up of trained experts who know how to best remove and dispose of asbestos. We even renew our license every year to make sure that we're up to date on the latest asbestos-related science.

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